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That’s a wrap!

Written by Shirin Ahmadpour

You may know him as the voice that gets you through traffic during Power 98.3’s morning show or as the Latino hip hop artist who’s bilingual music has swept the Valley for years. I had the opportunity to get to know MC Magic on set of the music video for his new song “No Me Importa Nada” and saw first hand why he has so many well-deserved fans.

MC Magic and I filming the dance scene of “No Me Importa Nada” at The Duce  in Downtown Phoenix. He is rocking the crystal studded AZ hat that he is proud to say his wife made for him. | Photo Credit: Phoenix Pits Photography

MC Magic and I filming the dance scene of “No Me Importa Nada” at The Duce in Downtown Phoenix. He is rocking the crystal studded AZ hat that he is proud to say his wife made for him.
Photo Credit: Phoenix Pits Photography

MC Magic is gearing up for the May 5 release of his new album “Million Dollar Mexican” with a packed tour schedule and new videos to match. On the album is his new Spanish love song that expresses how nothing else matters but love.

“It really means that I don’t care what anybody says or does, because all I want to do is be with you. It’s a romantic love story that when I have your hugs and I have your kisses, then I have it all,” MC Magic said.

On set one could find local artists such as MOB FAM of Nasty Boy Records, Kyle Collins and Jack London. The music video also features Miss Teen Arizona Latina 2014, Adilene Idalie.

MC Magic and Miss Teen Arizona Latina 2014 Adilene Idalie filming the romantic club scene at The Duce. | Photo Credit: Phoenix Pits Photography

MC Magic and Miss Teen Arizona Latina 2014 Adilene Idalie filming the
romantic club scene at The Duce.
Photo Credit: Phoenix Pits Photography

My behind the scenes take on the making of “No Me Importa Nada” came two fold. As a dancer and a model in the video, I watched and experienced how an artist’s vision takes form. From showing up to hair and makeup at 8 a.m., going through all of the set and costume changes throughout the day, and calling it a wrap at 8 p.m. for multiple days, this draining process was nothing short of a thrill ride.

Day Two of filming with MC Magic, Director Irin Daniels and the models and dancers of “No Me Importa Nada” from top left: Athena Benjamin, Alma Marin and me.  Photo Credit: Phoenix Pits Photography

Day Two of filming with MC Magic, Director Irin Daniels and the models and dancers of
“No Me Importa Nada” from top left: Athena Benjamin, Alma Marin and me.
Photo Credit: Phoenix Pits Photography

It must be true that people attract others similar to them. MC Magic brought in an incredible cast and crew. Together, they made long workdays not feel so much like work. Everyone on set was lucky to see who MC Magic truly is as a person. He took the time to get to know everyone’s name, from the cameramen to the extras, he made it a priority to let everyone know individually that he appreciated them being there. Being the furthest thing from a diva, I even spotted him helping clean up the set. As a humble man, he spoke of blessings and inspirations. When asked how he thought the music video would turn out he said, “We always shoot for the sky, so I think it’s truly going to be amazing.”

MC Magic and his large cast and crew helping him gear up to release his new album. | Photo Credit: Phoenix Pits Photography

MC Magic and his large cast and crew helping him gear up to release his new album.
Photo Credit: Phoenix Pits Photography

Road trips, touch ups, lights, camera and action, looking forward to seeing the premiere of  “No Me Importa Nada” and continuing to support MC Magic and his musical career!

MC Magic

McDowell Mountain Music Festival 2014- Like No Other in Arizona

By: Lynette Carrington

There is not another music festival in Arizona like this one! McDowell Mountain Music Festival is a three day multi-genre musical celebration that takes place March 28th through March 30th, 2014 at Margaret T. Hance Park in Phoenix.

McDowell Mountain Music Festival

John Largay is the president and owner of Wespac Construction who produces and spearheads the McDowell Mountain Music Festival. “In 2003, we knew we wanted a charity effort and we wanted it to be a collective effort; something everyone could work on,” said Largay. “Our sponsorship opportunities come along with an equivalent ticket package. It’s a party-within-a-party. The sponsor gets their tickets and they’re sharing them with their friends, family, employees and business counterparts and clients. From a fundraising standpoint that’s how the festival was created.”

This year’s music lineup includes STS9, The Disco Biscuits, Ben Harper and Charlie Musselwhite,  Gramatick, Slightly Stoopid, Dwight Yoakam, Lettuce, Dispatch, G Love, Allen Stone, Donna The Buffalo, Nicki Bluhm & The Gramblers and West Water Outlaws. “I would tell Phoenix to take a chance on some artists they don’t know,” suggested Largay. The festival is family-friendly and is a great chance to introduce younger listeners to some diverse bands.


Ben Harper & Charlie Musselwhite will  perform at McDowell Mountain Music Festival.

As a contractor, Largay conveys that setting up the music festival is much like one of Wespac’s job sites. “The circus goes in, the circus goes out,” he mused.  Logistically it works like, ‘Build it and they will come.’  A lot of our in-kind contributions are the same vendors that we have on job sites-the trash dumpsters, the toilets, the fencing and the power equipment… a lot of that is donated to help us support the cause and it helps us to underwrite it.”

The McDowell Mountain Music Festival is the only 100% non-profit music festival in Arizona and promotes community involvement, charity and corporate participation. In its 11th year, proceeds from the extravaganza will benefit Phoenix Children’s Hospital and Umom New Day Centers. “We’ve always leaned towards family-based charities… They both do great work within our community,” Largay stated.

“It’s a meaningful part of the city of Phoenix and it’s a meaningful cultural event. We tried to diversify our genres of artists. We do it intentionally so people get exposed to a broad variety of artists,” Largary said. “We try to theme certain days so there is commonality.” In years past, acts have included The Shins, The Roots, The Black Crowes and David Crosby, just to name a few.


Country Artist Dwight Yoakam will also thrill crowds at McDowell Mountain Music Festival.

The 3-Day Whole Package includes general admission for each of the three days of the festival. The 3-Day Works Package includes GA for three days, plus the after-hours party at the Crescent Ballroom and Renaissance hotel on Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights. Camping is also available; please visit the website for additional details.

The VIP Package is $150 for a single day and includes admission to the festival and VIP area at Hance Park. Included in the ticket price are two catered meals, five beers or mixed drinks, access to the Poser Deck (where you can be up close and personal with the bands), as well as private “luxury” bathrooms, VIP exclusive entrance and valet parking, plus many other amenities only found within the VIP experience. In fact, concertgoers come from California and Colorado and elsewhere because of the value and the overall experience that the McDowell Mountain Music Festival provides. “We don’t want to go over 10,000 people a day. We want it comfortable and safe. We want to create a pleasant experience,” finished Largay. Margaret T. Hance Park is conveniently located on the light rail route. For additional information and tickets, visit www.mmmf.com.

Golden Globes-The Awards Show Wrap-Up

Julia Louis-Dreyfus draggin’ on an electronic cig while tablemate Reese Witherspoon tried in vain to snap a selfie–Cute moment and Dreyfus was playing the aloof, sunglassed uber-diva.


Julia Louis-Dreyfus was too cool to do a selfie with Reese Witherspoon.

A rare sighting of ice queen Gwyneth Paltrow and her husband Chris Martin–They both looked uncomfortable and dare we say embarrassed to be caught on camera.

Did Bono get some “work” done? Dang, he looks younger and more rested than he has in years. De-lish. He looked so good, Amy Poehler made out with him during the broadcast.


Bono at the 2014 Golden Globes.

Liam Neeson presented the montage of Best Motion Picture-Drama for Gravity, did he not get the memo that the Golden Globes are a little nicer than “business casual?” A little too dressed down for our tastes…

Emma Thompson looked amazing in her gold-bodiced dress. She took the stage to present Best Original Screenplay with a martini in one hand and her Louboutins in the other. She handed the martini to Sosie Bacon and tossed her shoes over her shoulder to grab the envelope and announce the winner. Must have been a helluva martini to rationalize tossing the Louboutins.


Emma Thompson was having a REALLY good time at The Golden Globes.

Robert Downey, Jr. just owns the stage and how is it this guy just doesn’t age?!? He looks the same as he did back in the early ‘80’s!!

Tina Fey and Amy Poehler did an amazing job, AGAIN.

Kyra Sedgwick and Kevin Bacon brought out their Ms. Golden Globe 2014 daughter, Sosie Bacon. The Bacons have been married since 1988. Read that again and let it sink in.

Jim Carrey took a good dig at Shia Labeouf and the young actor’s struggle to not plagiarize everything that crosses his path.

Best Supporting Actress in a Motion Picture-Jennifer Lawrence didn’t trip on her way up to accept the award and had the coolest earrings. We LOVE this gal.

Best Supporting Actress in a TV Series, Mini-Series, or Movie-Jacqueline Bisset for “Dancing on the Edge.” The five-time nominated actress finally won and was warmly congratulated by Jon Voight on the way to the stage. It was her first win and she was clearly shocked and overcome. It was great to see someone so humbled by an award win, even if the acceptance speech was a little off-kilter. We hope to see more work from this lovely, sassy and talented actress in the future.

Best Mini-Series or TV Movie-“Behind the Candelabra”. A very poignant look at the life and times of Liberace and his lover, Scott  Thorson, brilliantly played out by Michael Douglas and Matt Damon.

Best Actress in a Mini-Series or TV Movie-Elizabeth Moss for “Top of The Lake.” after seven nominations, this is her first win. As with a few other winners before her, it looked like she needed a map to navigate the maze of table and chairs on her way to the stage.

Best Actor in a Television Drama-Bryan Cranston for “Breaking Bad.” It was his fifth nomination and fourth win. America’s favorite meth maker was adorable, fun and poised as he accepted his award.

Best TV Series Drama-“Breaking Bad.” People really, really loved this show. Creator, Vince Gilligan created a masterpiece of a drama. We can’t wait to see what he does next.

Best Score Original-Motion Picture-Alex Ebert for “All is Lost.” P. Diddy was excited for Ebert’s win and gave a few cute words of encouragement before Ebert’s acceptance speech. Diddy shouldn’t have taken the mic at all and it looked like an attention grab.

Best Original Song-Motion Picture-“Ordinary Love” from “Mandela.” Music by Bono, The Edge, Adam Clayton, Larry Mullen, Jr. and Brian Burton with lyrics by Bono. The guys were all dressed in black and looked amazing. They were very grateful for the win and gave major kudos to Nelson Mandela.  “We wrote a love story, or a love song rather, because it is what is extraordinary about the film…,” Bono said during the acceptance speech.

Best Supporting Actor in a Tv Series, Mini-Series or TV Movie-Jon Voight for “Ray Donovan.” It was his tenth nomination and fourth win. Why do we not see this man everywhere? He’s handsome, likable and seems like a lot of fun. “I’m truly humbled to be among my talented peers,” said Voight. He continued to praise his “Ray Donovan” fellow actors and crew and production staff.

Best Actress in a Film-Comedy or Musical-Amy Adams for “American Hustle.” During her speech, she talked about her manager and her first audition. She also thanked her daughter Aviana in a touching moment.

Best Actress in a TV Series-Drama-Robin Wright for “House of Cards.” She laughingly referred to the Hollywood Foreign Press as a “gaggle of characters” and called Kevin Spacey the “best play date ever” during her speech.

Best Supporting Actor in a Supporting Role in a Motion Picture-Jared Leto for “Dallas Buyer’s Club.”. He cleans up nicely and he’s a hard working actor. Good for him.

Best Screenplay-Spike Jonze for “Her.”

Actor TV Series, Comedy or Musical-Andy Samberg for “Brooklyn Nine-Nine.” What a fun and goofy and adorable acceptance speech. He thanked his “team” and all his co-stars and crew. He was very thankful and it showed.

Best Foreign Language Film-“The Great Beauty” from  Italy.

Best Actor in a Mini-Series or TV Movie-Michael Douglas, “Behind the Candleabra.” He has garnered eleven nominations and this was his fourth win. To Matt Damon, he said, “The only reason I’m up here and you’re not is that I had more sequins.”

Best Animated Feature-“Frozen”

Best Actress in a TV Series, Comedy-Amy Poehler. She accepted her award and then proceeded to make out with Bono. As you do.

Best Actor-Motion Picture-Comedy or Musical, Leonardo DiCaprio in “Wolf of Wall Street.” Of course, Martin Scorsese was the first person he thanked and rightfully so. Their industry partnerships in the past 15 years have been the stuff of legend. Was “Wolf of Wall Street” a comedy or a musical? Hmmm….

Best Motion Picture Comedy or Musical-“American Hustle.” Drew Barrymore looking radiant in her pink and red be-speckled white dress presented the award. The cast, producers and director accept the award. Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence were yukking it in the background while they were on stage during the acceptance speech. It’s probably because they know that after tonight’s ceremony, their asking price per film just shot through the roof, again. Look for Jennifer Lawrence to become the highest paid actress in Hollywood in 2014. It’s going to happen.

Best Actress-Motion Picture-Drama-Cate Blanchett in “Blue Jasmine.” Yet another Woody Allen leading lady who took home a Golden Globe . Ms. Blanchett also looked like she was being attacked by a massive black lace doily and still managed to look amazing.

Best Actor, Motion Picture-Drama-Matthew McConnoughey for “Dallas Buyer’s Club.” He beat out nominee Robert Redford and he rambled a bit, but thanked his mom for forcing him to go outside and play while he was growing up. Cute!

Best Motion Picture-Drama-“12 Years a Slave.” Director Steve McQueen was clearly moved and in shock. His masterpiece had A list talent and crew and surely this bodes well for the upcoming Oscars. He then asked for someone to hit him because he still couldn’t believe it.

Golden Globes Red Carpet-The Ladies, The Gentlemen and The “Meh”

Ahhh, The Golden Globes. The precursor to The Oscars, but with more fun and more drinking. Tina Fey and Amy Poehler slayed the GG stage again this year and we’re huge proponents of having them host permanently. Nobody does it better.

All of us at Show Business Report are huge fans of fashion and the 2014 Golden Globes red carpet didn’t disappoint…for the most part. Here are our picks for best dressed ladies and gents, along with a few looks that left us a bit puzzled.

Andy Samberg just looked great. Clean cut, happy, put together; well done.
Leonardo DiCaprio cleans up nicely. When he ditches the baseball cap and shorts he looks ultra classy, even without a supermodel flavor-of-the-month on his arm.
Usher broke the mold and changed up the color. He was oh-so-cool. And Matthew McConoughey? Ode to Mary Jane? Disneyland Haunted Mansion host? Who knows?

andy-samberg-09rs_634x1024-140112170007-634.Leonardo-DiCaprio-Golden-Globes.jl.011214_copy  rs_634x1024-140112165745-634.usher-golden-globes-011214  rs_634x1024-140112165652-634.matthew-mcconaughey-camila-golden-globes-011214

               (L-R)-Andy Samberg, Leonardo DiCaprio, Usher and Matthew McConaughey and wife, Camila Alves.

Heidi Klum was gorgeous. Her Marchesa gown kept with the hot trend of florals with an impeccable cut and a gorgeous train.
Kate Beckinsale inspired with the 1920’s-inspired fashion theme of “The Great Gatsby” with a black and silver gown that simply dazzled and fit her like a glove.
Kerry Washington was bumpin’. Ms. Washington looked formal, put-together, comfortable and happy. This maternity dress was an adorable departure from so many other awards show gowns in recent memory. Other bumpin’ mamas-to-be included Drew Barrymore and Olivia Wilde and they looked adorable, too. So what was Jennifer Lawrence’s excuse? The gown was one band width too much. If she had just left off the bottom black band that dress would have been a winner.

slide_331487_3313634_free  slide_331487_3313705_free  slide_331487_3313421_free  slide_331487_3313603_free

(L-R) Heidi Klum, Kate Beckinsale, Kerry Washington and Jennifer Lawrence

The what-the-what?? dress was worn by Julia Roberts. The Dolce and Gabbana black and white gown was a cross between and Catholic school uniform, 70’s tube top and Spanx. It was edgy–that is if grabbing clothes off your bedroom floor and wearing them to an awards show was edgy.


Julia Roberts-Still a Pretty Woman, just with a really weird dress.

And last but not least, is Paula Patton. Oh, poor Paula Patton. This disaster of a dress almost looks good on one side, but viewed from the other looks like the designer didn’t finish the dress and then the actress was attacked by a rogue gang of lily flowers.


Paula Patton. Part dress+Part flower=All Disaster

ON LOCATION IN NEW ORLEANS–“12 Years a Slave” and “Interview with the Vampire”

Recently, we had the chance to visit New Orleans, a hot bed of filming locations throughout the years. Some films shot in and around New Orleans include the James Bond classic, “Live and Let Die,” “Ray,” “The Pelican Brief,” “All The King’s Men,” and the upcoming “Hot Tub Time Machine 2,” and “22 Jump Street.” The Louisiana Film and Television Studio complex is also based in the Treme neighborhood.


Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt starred in “Interview with the Vampire,” some of which was shot at Destrehan Plantation outside of New Orleans.

Destrehan Plantation (located ½ hour outside of New Orleans) has also played location to a few of these well-known films. Most recently, Destrehan Plantation was used as a location for “12 Years a Slave” and “Ravenswood.” Back in the ‘90’s, Destrehan Plantation served as the bloody backdrop for the blockbuster, “Interview with the Vampire,” starring Brad Pitt, Tom Cruise and Kirsten Dunst. The film adaptation of the controversial Anne Rice novel follows fledgling vampire, Louis as elder vampire Lestat leads him into the charmed and damned life of a vampire.

Some key scenes of “Interview with the Vampire” were shot inside Destrehan Plantation in Destrehan, Louisiana, a former working sugar plantation. Several of the rooms inside the moderate-sized plantation were painted, adapted and set-dressed for the film. Today, one room used for the filming remains an interesting shade of mint-green (a color that was popular back in Colonial Days). It is typical that if a film production utilizes a location for filming, the room, structure, etc., is returned to its pre-filming condition. It is unknown why this particular room was saved in its production color, but it makes for an interesting topic of conversation. Two other rooms used during filming have long since been repainted (they were originally draped in crimson for party scene), but two distinctive “vampire” chandeliers utilized during filming remain in place as a reminder of beautiful and haunting scenes that were captured at the plantation during production.


1. Rendition of the party scene from “Interview with the Vampire.”  2. Tom Cruise as Lestat  3. Room used for filming  4. Set chandelier

The Mule Shed at Destrehan Plantation was used in the filming of “12 Years a Slave,” yet another film starring Brad Pitt. The areas behind the plantation have been kept to approximate historic conditions and once served as slave work and sleep quarters. Nearly 100 people came to the plantation to film at The Mule Barn. It was transformed into a cotton plantation barn with cotton strewn on the floor, ladders and ceiling inside. Location scouts visited Destrehan Plantation in 2012 to share a photo of what a cotton plantation barn would have looked like back in the day and once they secured the location, came back and morphed the barn into a vintage set. The Mule Barn was “Epp’s Barn” in the film. (Character Edwin Epps was portrayed by Michael Fassbender in the film.)

Mule Barn Marker         Brad Pitt15 12 Years a Slave

The Mule Barn at Destrehan Plantation served as Epps Barn in “12 Years a Slave,” starring Brad Pitt.

“The Curious Case of Benjamin Button” was also filmed in the New Orleans area. If you were wondering why a good many films starring Pitt were shot in the famed city, it’s because Pitt owns a home in the area.

Brad Pitt Turns 50!!

Happy 50th birthday to Brad Pitt! Wait. What? 50?!? How could that be? When you take a look back at his stellar career, you’ll see how it’s easy to lose track of time when Pitt is constantly a presence on our screen. He feels like that friend of yours that you see every few months and because you see them often, they never seem to age.  While most of us don’t win the cover of AARP when we turn 50, Brad Pitt does. We could go on and on about his Oscar noms, his beautiful family with Angelina Jolie, the fact that he has great hair (“Legends of the Fall?” Please.), and his stellar roles in a bazillion films, let’s just take a visual look back at Pitt’s career, thus far. And you know there is much more in store!


Yes, he’s 50. Does it make you feel old that he’s on the cover of AARP? You betcha.

Brad Pitt1 Dallas  Brad Pitt2 Growing Pains  Brad Pitt3 Thelma and Louise

Brad Pitt: The Early Years-“Dallas,” “Growing Pains,” and his breakout role in “Thelma and Louise.”

Brad Pitt4 Cool World  Brad Pitt5 A River Runs  Brad Pitt7 Legends  Brad Pitt6 Interview

A Rising Star-Pitt’s star cred kept rising through the early ’90’s and cemented his heartthrob status. (“Cool World,” “A River Runs Through It,” “Legends of the Fall,” “Interview With The Vampire”)

Brad Pitt8 meet Joe Black  Brad Pitt9 Fight Club  Brad Pitt10 Snatch

Diversity-Pitt continued to branch out by playing Death personified, among other interesting roles. (“Meet Joe Black,” “Fight Club,” “Snatch”)

Brad Pitt11 Spy Game  Brad Pitt12 Mr and Mrs Smith  Brad Pitt13 MoneyBall

As Pitt matures, he continues to pick interesting and engaging roles. He starred with Robert Redford, an actor with whom Pitt had been compared since his early career. (“Spy Game,” Mr. & Mrs. Smith,” “Moneyball”)

Brad Pitt14 World War Z  Brad Pitt15 12 Years a Slave  Brad Pitt16 Fury

Yes, like a fine wine, Pitt just seems to gets better with age. Far right: Pitt is currently filming, “Fury,” due out in late 2014. (“World War Z,” “12 Years a Slave,” “Fury”)

Brad Pitt is an “everything” actor. He’s handsome, talented, and can and does take a huge variety of roles. What Johnny Depp is to the “quirky” factor, Brad Pitt is to the “hunky” factor, an accolade he probably won’t ever shake. Now, if they would just hand him an Oscar so he can get on with the rest of his career… Happy Birthday to William Bradley Pitt! You make 50 look FAN-tabulous!!

Gilligan’s Island to Set Sail on the Big Screen

Shipwreck or train wreck? Ready or not, a “Gilligan’s Island” movie is in the works. Warner Bros. is currently in development on a feature length film about the lovably daffy crew and tourists that get tossed at sea and on to a deserted island after a three hour tour…A THREE HOUR TOUR.


The original cast of Gilligan’s Island (1964-1967)

The film currently has comic actor Josh Gad (“Book of “Mormon,” “1600 Penn,” “Frozen”) attached to the project. What iconic role he will step into has not yet been discussed, although we can see him as either Gilligan or the Skipper.

FOX Fall 2007 Eco-Casino Party

Actor Josh Gad is attached to “Gilligan’s Island.” What role will he play? We don’t care, as long as the script is GOOD!

Let’s rundown some casting options. Let’s say, for the sake of argument that Gad will take the role of Gilligan. We’d like to see John Goodman as The Skipper (obvious choice and we love him), Gary Oldman as The Professor, Lindsay Lohan as Ginger (c’mon, the shipwreck needs a train wreck), Dakota Fanning as Mary Ann, and Susan Sarandon and Tim Robbins as Lovey Howell and Thurston Howell III (crazy, but you can’t go wrong with two Oscar winners who were together forever).

Ross Schwartz, the son of the late “Gilligan’s Island” creator Sherwood Schwartz, is on board as a producer. The show ran on television for from 1964-1967 and then later spun off three made-for-tv movies.

Since Hollywood has done just about every ‘60’s television series as a big screen film, we see this one going either way. What will be interesting to see is if film audiences are receptive to the dated material. After all, how many dresses did Ginger bring with her on that three hour tour? And how in the world do you make a coconut cream pie on an island? And how exactly do you make spark plugs out of seashells? I guess we will find out the answers to these conundrums and more in the near future. We’ll be right back after this commercial break…

Go Daddy Holiday Party Surprises With A-List Entertainment

By: Lauren Fach

The Go Daddy Holiday Party rocked Chase Field on Dec. 14, with performances from A-List superstars Ke$ha and Snoop Dogg in a “stadium turned club-like atmosphere” with fluorescent glow sticks and lighted backdrops.

Go Daddy Holiday Party 2013

Traditionally, Go Daddy has a reputation for throwing over-the-top extravagant parties for their employees and this year did not disappoint. Although the rumor mill had been circling about which performers would actually take the stage at the Phoenix party, when Ke$ha began to sing Read the rest of this entry

RIP, Joan Fontaine (1917-2013)

A classic Hollywood actress has left us. Joan Fontaine was known for such films as “Rebecca,” “Gunga Din,” “Jane Eyre,” “Ivanhoe,” and “Island in the Sun.” She was nominated for an Academy Award three times during her career and won her sole Oscar in 1942 for her portrayal of Linda in the Alfred Hitchcock film “Suspicion.” She famously had a bitter, but not-often-spoken-of rivalry with her older sister, Olivia de Havilland (“Gone with the Wind,” “The Heiress”). Interestingly, the duo became the first sisters to win Oscars and also the first ones to be nominated for the award in the same year. Her bitterness (or competitiveness) was very evident in Fontaine’s quote, “I married first, won the Oscar before Olivia did (Olivia won hers in 1947), and if I die first, she’ll undoubtedly be livid because I beat her to it!” Sadly, it is reported that the sisters remained permanently estranged.


“Rebecca” director, Alfred Hitchcock with Joan Fontaine and Laurence Olivier

Fontaine was married four times and had one child, daughter, Deborah. She also informally adopted Read the rest of this entry